Interview with Marion Chateau, Vinsta

4 years ago, as Vin & Société’s Digital Communications Manager, she was in charge of launching Vinsta, the digital medium of this association representing the entire French wine industry. A success, followed by the release of a paper guide by Hachette. Here’s a quick interview, as an appetizer, before her visit to the Athenaeum for a meeting and tasting on April 6.

What was Vinsta born of?

In recent years, Vin & Société has commissioned several societal studies. They all point to a decline in wine consumption. In particular, among young people, who are generally turning away from alcoholic beverages. If this is true, it is undoubtedly due to an inappropriate approach: the French continue to perceive wine as a highly technical, complex, even elitist product. A totem, in a way, difficult to desacralize. Unless we adopt a different approach… From this point of view, the beer market is full of lessons. By freeing itself from many codes, communication around this alcohol has made it an easy, no-holds-barred product. This is what we wanted to achieve when we launched Vinsta in 2020, on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram: to promote wine to neophytes, mainly under 35s, and to showcase winegrowing expertise in an offbeat, accessible way.

What is Vinsta’s approach?

In terms of both form and content, we’ve opted for a strong editorial line. At the rate of one post per week, excluding stories, the subjects covered are mainly about taste and the experiential, in particular food and wine pairings and restaurants, bars… to try out. Technical issues are also addressed here and there, such as véraison, springtime cellar activity and tannins. Young people are not closed to these issues. It all depends on how you communicate them…

It’s precisely the Vinsta identity that appeals…

That’s the point! In addition to the diversity of the content, we also wanted to differentiate ourselves by the way we treated it. In this case, very pop, with bright colors and the use of computer graphics. Not to mention a touch of humor, a positive tone and an inherent inclusiveness. We’re talking to young people, so it’s essential to use their codes.

And what about the book?

After 4 years, Vinsta has a cumulative audience of 65K subscribers. Three quarters of them are under 35. This success, this community, attracted Hachette to the point of giving us carte blanche to produce our paper guide. So I sat down with representatives of the various interprofessions and national organizations to agree on the route. The idea of a tour of all the wine-growing regions of France was adopted. The result? The Vinsta Guide, with a map of each vineyard, key figures, relevant grape varieties, technical particularities, wine pairings and places to visit. In addition, there are two chapters of advice on how to taste like a pro, from choosing the right glasses to storing wines in the home, and how to shine in society. A very practical book, to be consulted again and again as you travel.

What are your plans for the future? 

Since its release, the book has been very well received. We intend to continue supporting it, notably through meetings in bookshops. Hence my presence at the Athenaeum on April 6. From April onwards, Vinsta will be present on TikTok with an even more powerful format…